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Green Poop and not moving

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Hello everyone. We took in a giant cochin and once we took her out of the cage we knew something was wrong. She can stand but won't move around. She has green clumpy poo. I've given her tylan but it's not working. Please help I don't know what to do.
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The only real advice I can give is to make sure she is hydrated.  Give her water via dropper, spoon, whatever to ensure she is not dehydrated.


I looked through the forums and did not see any smoking guns so to speak.  Answers ranged from worms to cocci.  Hopefully someone will more experience will chime in.

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She stopped taking water today and is refusing to eat now. I am trying to force her to eat but she just puts her head down and it falls out of her mouth. Spoke with a vet and said it could be a number of things but what he thinks it is isn't treatable. Going to have my baby put down tomorrow.
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I had a hen with those symptoms for a few weeks. Got her to eat scrambled eggs and pieces of children's gummy vitamins. She went into a hard molt and turned out fine. She spent most of her time standing with her eyes closed and wouldn't eat or drink and had nasty poo.
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Sorry for your loss.

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