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I have a BCM hen she is 2 1/2 years old almost 3 i bought her and her sister at a farmers co-op they layed fine until they molted her sister still lays but they are both molting so they will stop soon well anyway Morgan is the BCM hen that i think is going blind because all of a sudden she has starting bumping into things and is letting me pick her up which is very weird she never lets me touch her but what is even weirder is she is able to find the food, water,roosting bars and shade i think she is going blind her eyes are starting to be foggy and her eye color is turning like and orange color her eyes have always been like a light olive green color can someone plz give me any advice on what is happening to her i would really appreciate it thanks


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Not much you can do if she's loosing eyesight.. as long as she eats drinks and roost.. I'd say keep her
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Can you post pics? It could be an occular form of Mareks.

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Pictures of each eye may help. She may have cataracts or has suffered an eye infection or injury. Do both eyes including the back pupil and the colored iris look the same in both eyes. Cloudiness can be a cataract. Here are some eye conditions and causes to read about:

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i will send a pic of her eye soon we just had pups so we have our hands full LOL

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