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Is 6 weeks to young....

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To turn 2 Guineas out with 12 hens and 1 rooster?
They are in a 4 x 8 coop attached to an 8x8 run which is attached to a 20x30 run where the chickens are and a 10x10 coop all covered with netting.
I bought them when I bought 12 Cornish x but they are gone now. So I was wondering if they are to young to be incorporated with the rest of the flock so I could let the chickens use both coops

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   I think you can probably expect the chickens to harass them some. But it all depends on the personality of the chickens. Right now I have some 9 week old guineas that I am starting to integrate into the flock.  For the last week or two I have put one or two chickens in with my two little guineas and leave them together for a while. Some hens will ignore the little ones and get along just fine.. Some of the hens will act aggressively to the guineas so they are removed pretty quick. This evening I added a rooster and two hens to the cage where the guineas sleep. No problems at all.

   It wouldn't hurt for your guineas to be a little bigger before exposing them to the entire flock of chickens. But you could start now by adding a couple of your more docile chickens to the pen that the guineas have. I think integrating gradually is the best approach. ;)

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   One more point to consider is feed. I assume your guineas are on a starter or grower feed. They should not have the chicken's layer feed as a steady diet at this age. The extra calcium in layer feed can cause problems with bone development in growing juveniles. The chickens will definitely like the guinea's feed tho and may keep the guineas away from it.

Letting some of them mingle thru the day is a good way to get them used to each other. :)

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I think I will take your advice and put my two youngest pullet with them. They are 14 weeks. They aren't quite part of the flock yet and kind of stand off on their own. Maybe the four of them kind get used to each other for awhile everyday
The Guineas are on a 22% meatbird feed.

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I am new to chickens & guineas & got 6 guineas (7 but one died in the cage). I kept them confined in a cage in the run & let them out at about 6 weeks (got them at 4 weeks). When I released them, they immediately adopted my black pullet (about 12 weeks at the time) as their mother & her gray sister as their aunt. That was about 6 weeks ago & they still roost together almost every night & I had no problems with integration.
Good luck!
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You can keep them in a cage in the run and see how they interact at first or a sectioned off stop for them. The roo should keep the hens in line. Hell more than likely go over and display if hes not having it.

I put my five week old buffs with my old buff and she adopted them like her chicks. Even taught them what was tomatoes, pasta, bread etc. My two roosters and two hens were put in with a flock of 14 hens and one old rooster. No issue at all. Seems old fred was happy to have two young bucks come in to take care of business. He just walks around and pecks. Doesnt get frisky much anymore.

So yea, have em in the run seperated in there and see how they get along and if there are no displays, then watch them together. There may be a little pecking or challenging but theyll probably get the hint. If there is ganging up or holding, then id seen about keeping them seperated a little longer.
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