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Help Please. Fowl Pox - Wet Form?

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Thank you for your help in advance!  This site has been invaluable since we got our chicks as day olds!!


I have 15 pullets, all different breeds.  They are 26 weeks old.  We've been healthy until recently.......


I am almost positive they have fowl pox.  Pretty easy to identify visually, after looking at pics on the internet.  Several neighbors have had it.  The mosquitos have been very bad.


Started with the lead chicken, standing around, wings down, resting.  Not her usual self.  Examined her and she had the tell tale marks.  About 2 days later she was more perky, acting better, but not completely herself.  That day 2 more chickens started acting the same.  Prepared for the whole flock to get it, but crossing my finger that its the dry form.  Examined all the chickens, some had the tell tall marks.  Then the coughing/sneezing started.  I've got about 2/3 flock with the sneezing/coughing/gurgling.  Slimy eyes/noses. It seems to match the symptoms of wet pox.  I'm a nurse...I know chickens are not the same as people.  But it sounds exactly like a wet airway in a person.  I'm so upset, as i understand the mortality is high.  


I understand it's viral.  But wanted to start antibiotics to prevent any secondary infections or pneumonia.  Figured it couldn't hurt....Started Tylan 50mg at a 1/2cc orally today.  Im going to give for 3 days per the internet.  While i was holding them to give them the medicine, some felt feverish to me.  Their combs were hotter than usual.  They also smell bad, smell sick.  Just the ones with the mucus in nose and mouth.  Just like when a person has a cold, and their breath smells "sick".  


Im putting apple cider vinegar in the water, making sure they are getting extra protein (giving lots of meal worms).


1.  Just how bad is it going to be?  Can i expect to lose all of them?


2.  Is 3 days of Tylan 50mg (1/2 cc) correct?


3.  Anything else i can do to help them?


4.  In the future, where can you buy day old chicks that are vaccinated against fowl pox?  I only just found out that there is a vaccine.  If i had known, i would have gotten it.


5.  How long before i should see improvement from the antibiotics?


6.  How many days will it take to determine if they are going to die or pull thru? Im going crazy here....


7.  If i do want to replace the chickens i may lose...How long to wait to be sure they can't make the new chickens sick?  Or is that a non issue if they have been vaccinated for fowl pox?  Hoping not to lose any, but this is good info to have.


Was just getting to the fun part with the ladies.....they are my pets, have a cushy life, and each have a unique personality.  Just started getting eggs about 3 weeks ago.  


Anyone near me?  I'm in North Dallas Texas?



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I'm a little concerned that your chickens may have a respiratory disease such as coryza or MG, in addition to their fowl pox. The sneezing, coughing, and gurgling don't sound like wet pox. The bad odor can be a sign of coryza, especially with thick nasal secretions. Sulfadimethoxine or Sulmet can be used in the water for treatment of coryza, and can be given with Tylan which can help to prevent secondary infections.  Could you possibly post a picture of the pox lesions in one of the chickens? I would try to get a sick chicken tested by your local extension agent, or call your state vet for information about testing or a necropsy if you lose one. If they have one of those diseases, you would need to close your flock, since they will be carriers for life. MG is very common, but coryza is much more of a problem and dangerous to other flocks. Sorry that this is happening to your birds.

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I think you may be right about the Corzya.  They do have an awful odor!  If the foul odor is a big indicator of Corzya....then that's probably what they have.  I find it interesting that i noted the awful odor before i even know about Corzya.  Also, after reading on the internet about seems like it's that.  


I will get a pic of the lesions tomorrow and post. It's too dark tonight.  Not all the sick chickens have pox lesions. 


What is MG?


1.  Will the Tylan work for Corzya?


2.  When should I expect them to start improving?


3.  Once they get over it, will they be healthy, happy chickens again?  I hate seeing them looking/feeling so bad!


4.  Will egg production go back to normal when they feel better?


5.  How do i go about adding new chickens in the future after having Corzya?


6.  Will all the chickens in the coop get it?  So far, about 1/3, don't have gooey eyes/nose, or are wheezing.  


7. Do i just give the antibiotics and wait it out?



~Worried chicken mommy

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Tylan can treat coryza, but a combination of Sulfa drugs (Sulmet, Sulfadimethoxine) and Tylan work well. MG is mycoplasma gallisepticum, also called CRD by some, since it is a chronic disease that is never completely cured (just as coryza.) I would recommend getting your sickest bird tested or send it to the state vet for euthanasia and a necropsy. It is important to confirm the diagnosis, since I would not recommend adding birds to your flock if it is coryza or MG. All birds will be carriers for life, and if you add birds, they would need to b vaccinated a few weeks before adding them, and re-vaccinated at intervals. Both MG and coryza die in the environment within a few days, so that after these birds pass away, you can clean, disinfect, and get new healthy birds without a problem. Here is a good link to read about the common respiratory diseases and symptoms, and you can Google the diseases specifically for more information. 

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Thanks for the replies. Here are a few updates:
- a few chickens have noticeable swelling to their waddles. One chickens is so bad they feel "heavy" and are "plump" feeling. Defiantly very swollen.
- a few have one of their eyes closed on inspection today, it's swollen around, especially above the eye. The swelling appears to be causing the eye to be shut.
- a few feel "feverish" , when touching their combs
-two are acting listless, droopy, staying in the coop.
- the rest are not acting completely normal, but don't seem to be acting like they are really, really sick.
-decreased eggs for a few days now. Went from 6/day to 3/day, 2/day to none today.
-I think they "sound" a bit better. But some are still gurgling. Less sneezing and coughing.
-decreased appetite. But still eating. Giving them extras..mealworms, greens, tomatoes, berries to get them to eat.

Do you still think it's MG or Coryza?

Ins so confused. I'm pretty sure this is a fowl pix lesion. But they clearly have a respiratory component to this. And now comb and facial swelling?

Could they have 2 things going on? Oh, I'm so confused!!

-I've included a pic of what I think is fowl pox. And a different chicken with the really swollen wattles.

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From the symptoms you have described it sounds like coryza on top of fowl pox, but testing or a necropsy on a sacrificed sick bird would be the only way to know for sure. Coryza can cause swollen face and wattles, a bad odor, gurgles, coughing, and thick nasal secretions. I can give you a link to your state vet tomorrow, or you can look online.
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Here is the link to find your state vet (in the US.)

Local extension agents or the state vet can give you info on getting a chicken tested, and here are some testing labs:

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