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Ameracauna Question

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Recently a friend gave me her 4 year old Ameracauna hen.  I am in the process of building  new coop for her and three hens who came with her.  Last night I found her tightly wrapped in a blanket on top of her cage.  She had wrapped herself in it.  Tonight, same thing, tightly wrapped right before sundown.  I unwrapped her. She seemed fine.  I put her down and she walked around fine and ate greens well.  Has anyone who has had this breed (I never have had Ameracaunas before now), witnessed a desire in them to have light fabric around their bodies at night?  I'm amazed at how tightly she cocooned herself into the sheet.  Could she be too cold?  She had been molting when I first acquired her, but she looks like she is done molting.  All comments will be appreciated.  I'm a bit concerned.

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She is probably cold.  I saw one of mine try to snuggle under the wing of one of her coop mates last night.:)

Chickens are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for (especially Ameracaunas).

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It hasn't gotten any colder at nights here than the 50s yet? Would that be cold for her?

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That is not really that cold since she has her feathers, but I can't blame her for wanting to be covered up when it is in the 50s.:D


I don't have any blankets/covers in my coop, so I can't say it is a common behavior or not.

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