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My lil flock (with pics)

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Just introducing my flock. We have 5 hens (unsure on breeds) 2 black, 2 red and one white. We also have one mallard hen who I got off someone on facebook. It had been bought for her by a friend though she lives in a small flat with no yard and a cat. Her name is Georgie.

Recently Georgie and Blackie (one of our black hens) went super clucky so i bought some fertile eggs off a local lady and switched them under the clucky girls. Blackie proved to be a ditzy sitter but still managed to hatch out one chick a couple of days ago. Shes a good mum for all she was a bad sitter. Georgie is an amazing mum and hatched out 5 of her 8 eggs. They just hatched last night and this morning.

We also have a muscovy duckling called BB who was abandoned by its wild parents due i suspect to slightly twisted feet. It is about a week old but i put it under Georgie tonight and kept an eye on it. When i left them last Georgie was sitting on all the ducklings including BB so im pretty happy!

So that is my little backyard flock.
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Those are lovely pics you have posted there love.gif
They are just adorable, they really are!!

Good luck with them all in the future.
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