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Yeah i of all people know to finish your cycle of antibiotics. I work in a hospital pharmacy. Theyre all getting 7 days regardless but i figure im giving the 13 week old pullet a 10 day to be safe. But theyve been socializing with eachother for well over 2 months. And there have been no attacks on her previously....only when she looked like she was on her death bed. She has perked up a bit now that shes inside. Eating a small amount and drinking on her own, which is something she wasnt doing this morning. Shes so congested though...its crazy how fast it comes on. Just yesterday I couldnt hear anything and now i can hear her breathe from across the room...and she has to breathe with her mouth open. Id buy some vetrx poultry aid but by the time it gets here im assuming this will be over..