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New chicken mom, honking chick

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Hi all! New chicken mom, just the one who is an indoor pet so I don't have any prior experience or any other chickens to compare too. My girl Nugget (just over would months) started making this honking/sqeaking noise, just when picked up or moved. I read her voice might just be changing and as long as she wasn't wheezing not to worry.

Well a few times I've noticed a runny nose. Just twice over the last two weeks, and just briefly. Then the other day I noticed a low wheezing sound, but it isn't always. Her eyes don't appear watery and she is otherwise alert and her normal self. But the wheezing and honking is starting to worry me.

I have antibiotics, but I'm hesitant to give her any without knowing what's going on. I also have some vetrx I attempted to give her tonight, with little success.

Does anyone have any idea or suggestions?

Thanks so much for reading this!
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Ack, anyone?
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I'd suggest giving her vitamin / electrolytes in her drinking water and monitoring her - they should boost her immune system and help her to fight off whatever she is suffering from. 


The addition of antibiotics is another question. Some feel that they should not be administered without knowing exactly what one is treating but in the absence of solid veterinary support (and the wish to go down that line) this may be considered a little idealistic. Having said that, personally i would leave antibiotics alone for now and see how she does. The cause could be fungal, allergic reaction, bacterial, viral etc. Antibiotics will clear up a bacterial issue, but none of the others (but they do contribute to preventing secondary infections). 


Hope that helps a little



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Thanks CT, I've got her on electrolytes now. After I picked some up, I noticed she had some dry mucis in her nostrils. She seems a little more wheezy today.
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