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GQF 1550 incubator?

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I have found two used GQF 1550 hatchers for sale, and I am considering purchasing one. I want to use it as a incubator and hatcher for large chicken eggs. Is this a bad idea? I know I will have to turn the eggs by hand. I have only used Styrofoam table top incubators, and I am tired of trying to hatch a couple hundred eggs in them each hatching season. I am looking for a larger better quality incubator.


The seller is asking $350 each for them. Here are the pics from the seller:




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Do these hatches work good as incubators too?

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I decided to take the plunge and buy one of the hatches. Now time to restore it! A thorough cleaning, some fresh paint, and some new weatherstripping should do the trick. 

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