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Nibbler and Bubbles





They are golden 300 layers (I believe) and are about 5 - 6 months old. We picked them up from a local farm and they were not terribly pleased about being separated from there flock. When we got home they were a bit stressed and hid under a tree next to the pond. I went ahead and isolated them so they could adjust to there new surroundings. I spent most of the afternoon building there indoor pen (first picture) and then sat with them for a couple of hours. They were not as stressed as when they first came home and even tried out the pond that I built for them, but they still were not eating.


As evening approached it was time to get them in there pen. After much chasing, flapping and quacking the girls were securely locked up for the night in the garage. Makayla (my human daughter) and I have spent the last several hours sitting with them and talking to them. They are finally settling down and eating. Nibbler thanked me for my hard work by spilling the food They are no longer bunching in the corner when we move around the garage and are exhibiting very mild curiosity.


I went ahead and picked up some oyster shell and poultry laying mix, and I built them a pen that is 36"x36" with pine pellets for bedding. Thus far, it seems to be holding up quite well. I gave them some Kale and bubbles nibbled at it but was pretty much unimpressed.



Going Forward:


Going Forward, my plan is to spend a couple of hours a night sitting with them so they can get used to me and the kids being around. I want to lay some hay in the yard outside so they can decide if they want to nest out there and lay some eggs. During the day I am going to let them play in there run, and in the evening move them into there pen.



Comments, concerns, critiques and advice are all welcome!


Thanks to everyone who has provided advice and support to this point! we are extremely excited with our new ducks!


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This morning we had a present waiting for us


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