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Lockdown time!!

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Now lockdown...and my humidity started from 70% up to 80% and some time go down to 60%
So I add water pass the little hole beside the incubator
Is that ok ?
Because they say can't open the lid but if I add water without open the lid that should be fine ?
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That's completely fine smile.png How's the hatch going? Can you hear them chirping yet?
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No's so quiet in there
I'm little bit worry !!!
No moving no chirping 😔
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I'm so sorry. Don't lose hope yet. It is hard to hear the chirping if they haven't pipped extrenally. It has to be really quiet. I'm going to try to do another hatch. I'll start it next week. Keep me updated on yours smile.png
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Ok thank you
Good luck for your new one 😊
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Thank you. I sure hope it goes better smile.png
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I just candled them
1 of them not make it
Another 6 air cell and their size look ok but I di see any movement or internal pip at all
So I guess I have to wait 😞
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Yep...that's the tough part sad.png
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My 2 eggs started pip
Thank you for all your help
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How exciting!! Send pics when they hatch out smile.png
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