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Age of chicks?! And only one chick has a comb.. is it a rooster?

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I'm extremely new to being a chicken owner so I'm lost on a lot of stuff, google is mostly helpful but not so much with this question. I have 6 Barred Rock chicks I bought about a week and a half ago, they don't have head feathers and they are seeming to get their breast feathers now which from a guide I read places them about 4 -5 weeks old. But when I look at pictures of same age barred rock chicks, mine look fairly older. Could anyone help with the age of my chickens? I want to get them outside soon because they are quickly running out of room in the garage. Also, only one of the has started to develop a comb, I have also noticed that the one who is developing a comb is more aggressive than the others and their tail feathers are MUCH shorter than the other chicks. I'm afraid it's a rooster as I can't have roosters where I live due to ordinance. So is it likely it's a rooster? Or do some chickens get their combs early on? Also the comb is pale which I read is a sign of health issues, but I wasn't sure if that only meant older chickens so should the comb be red or is pale okay since it's just now developing. Apologies for the long post and all the questions but any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks so much!




The chick with the comb and shorter tail feathers.




The entire flock, I think they are 4-5 weeks.



Another picture.

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I think you're right about age. these are 4 weeks old. smile.png
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It's hard to see the color of the comb with the red lamp. Can you take a pic with natural light? We moved our chicks outside about 9-10 weeks but it was spring. Once they are fully feathered they should be ok to move outside. The chicks I have are outside right now, but they are with mama. So she keeps them warm at night. We live in Oregon so it is just starting to get cold/freezing at night.
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Here's a better picture of the comb! I did notice while taking more pictures that a few of the other chicks have teeny tiny bumps that are the beginning of combs but this is the only chick I have that has pretty well developed, noticeable comb





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Males develop a comb faster then the females. The combs will stay a lighter color for the pullets until they get closer to laying age then they will turn the red color. They should be completely feathered out before moving them outside

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I agree on the age. But there's a question about gender. The comb itself isn't that important, but color is. Girls tend to have the very pale combs until just before they lay. Boys do get combs earlier, but large-comb breeds develop combs earlier in box sexes.


Keep an eye on the color. If it changes to red in the next week or two, it's a cockerel. If it stays pale, which doesn't signify bad health, it is likely a pullet.


Take a good close-up pic of your chick in question, full body from the side and post it on the "What breed or gender" is this " forum. They're much better at guessing gender over there.

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I would say pullet. Only because the buff in my pic is a rooster. It's 1 month old and comb is turning red. I also noticed Spurs today.
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I went ahead and posted in the other forum because I figured that was a better place to get answers and becuse I'm starting to question the breed as well. Thank you guys so much for ya'll helps! :D

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