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Aliceinlove's flock

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My original flock was from ideal poultry and consisted of

3 Buff Orpington pullets. (one was a roo) gave him away at a few weeks old.

1 Black Cochin pullet (she was supposed to be a roo)

Two mallard ducks. Both are drakes. They were all hatched July 7.


I then bought two black chicks from a local farm. They were around the same age.


I really wanted eggs so I purchased two production reds that were two years old from a local farm.


On a whim I bought 4, 5 month old OEGB pullets and a roo.


I really wanted more eggs so I traded a pair of Buff American Geese for a brown laying hen, a laying Colombian Wyandotte, and a 5 month old black Astralorp


I feel like I'm at my max now.


My youngest are 15 weeks so I'm waiting for those, my now 6 month old OEGB and my black astralorpe to start laying.

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These are my Buff Orps. We call them thing 1 and thing 2 because they look so much alike. One is getting longer tail feathers now and has a redder face. Hopefully still a pullet. They are 15 weeks old now so I'm thinking it cant be a he right? Pictures are a little blurry because they wouldn't stand still.

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This is my Astralorp, she is five months old. Still waiting on eggs.The white one on the right is the Colombian Wyandotte

Above is Mrs.Fancy my cochin. She was supposed to be a he.


Thats my breed unknown roo. Someone told me he was a sexlink.


And that pullet above is the roo's sister.

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