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Favus or dry comb?

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New to the board so hi all,


I have 6 chickens.  2 RiR two buckeyes and 2 EE's.  about a month ago I noticed the reds had a white powdery look to their combs.  After doing some research I thought it might be favus. I treated them for a month and it seemed that it all went away.  The treatment caused the RIR's combs to get real dirty so using a tooth brush I cleaned them both real well.  Well today after about 4 days since I stopped treatment I noticed that their combs are back to having a white powdery look to them and I am wonder what the difference between dry comb and favus is? Could the treatment caused their combs to dry out? I will try to post pictures when I can. 



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Welcome to BYC. Dry skin can make the comb appear a little pale, but favus from fungus usually looks white. It shouldn't be necessary to scrub the comb with a toothbrush, and could cause bleeding which then leads to black marks. Miconazole (Monistat 7) or clotrimazole (Lotrimin) can be applied daily to the chalky area. Use gloves to apply. Below are some extreme cases of favus.  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHGMrAay_L7GYz9k71am3C-Qp0eyLEuRH0Wkh0z5cUsI1Rfqw-  

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In this picture below, you will see dry skin on the comb, while a few of the tips are frostbitten. To me this would not be favus. Can you take a picture of your chicken's comb?



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Favus . poor girls
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This is Big Red our RiR and the worst case sorry for the poor pic

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It certainly won't hurt to put some of the antifungal cream on it daily for a couple of weeks.

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just got done with it for 4weeks....should I try iodine instead?  I tried an ointment that has miconazole in it and treated all 6.  The good thing?  they all don't mind being handled lol.  The bad thing this is still a problem. 

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Then I would think it is just dry skin, or maybe a scrape that is healing. I would use some coconut oil to see if it helps. Or leave it alone for a time and see if it clears up. 

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thanks might try the coconut oil and rub it in good.
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