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How to help my friend?

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Okay, so my best friend has this dog, she's had her for around 7 or 8 years, and she's her best friend. They took her dog to the vet today, and she has cancer (not sure what kind, I think the dog equivalent of breast cancer, is there a more proper name for it?), so, the vet can do surgery and fix it BUT, it will cost $835, neither my friend or her parents have nearly that much money to put towards vet bills. I would love to pay for the surgery myself, but me being a broke college student, I don't have that much money laying around either. I've been trying to think of ways I could raise the money quickly (as their plan right now is to let her live until she shows signs of being in pain) but I am so not creative. I thought of doing one of those "go fund me" things, and then realized, of course, you have to have a credit card so the donations have somewhere to go, and I do not have a credit card. So if anyone has any ideas, no matter how big or small, please let me know! I would love to raise the money in time to get her the surgery and surprise my friend!

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Why don't you try to hook up with a 4H club? They will often do fundraisers for good causes. You could also try lemonade stands, snow cone stands, bake sales, etc. I am so sorry for the position you and your friend are in. What a beautiful dog....I really hope everything is resolved. I wish I could help more, good luck.
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$885 is a lot of money, I thought it was 335. You are going to need more than a few lemonade stands. Perhaps you could do a "fund-me" money raiser without a credit card. You could ask for cash or for someone to pay for the surgery. If you email some celebrities with pets, maybe one of them would fund the surgery. I know it's a long shot, but my heart breaks for you and your friend as well as the dog. Good luck once again.
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@LeafBlade12345 thank you! I actually talked to one of our mutual friends, and she's willing to let me use her bank account for gofundme, so I set up a page! The link is if any one is interested!
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You are very welcome! I really do hope things go well, and good for you for helping. Please keep us updated!
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Abby, how are things going?
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