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Silkie mix's comb fell over?

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Okay, background. So my coworker had some silkie mixes and he's selling his house. So, I said I'd take the chickens. Fast forward to the next weekend, he drops off two roosters. Straight away I noticed that one of them has a very large comb and it's completely flopped down over his right eye. He eats fine, drinks fine, is a lively little guy, he just can't see on that side. As far as I know, they're only about 8 months old, I was told they were silkies, but they definitely don't look 100% silkie to me. My coworker only fed cracked corn, if that helps. 




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They should be fed an all flock or flock raiser feed, or if you have hens, a layer feed that is between 16 and 20% protein. Scratch grains only contains 8% protein, not enough for a chicken. A flopped over comb is not abnormal--many chickens with large combs will have them, but if it is getting in the way of his seeing that bad, you may want to check into getting his comb docked or surgically removed. A vet could do that, and you can find threads in which to learn how to do it yourself. Personally, I would leave it alone unless it became a real problem. Mixed silkies do tend to have large and sometimes unusual combs. Here is a more typical comb of a silkie rooster:


event_108973052.jpeg   Silkie_rooster-300x199.jpg

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