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Pullet attacked today!

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One of my 10-week old white rock pullets was attacked today presumably by a hawk. She does not seem to have lost much blood but has a back puncture wound under her left wing. She is very lethargic. What can I do to help her?
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She may be in shock, so you may want to let her sleep and not bother her for a few hours. There could be internal damage that is not visible, but I would clean the puncture wound with either Vetericyn, weak betadine, hibiclens or peroxide. Then apply some antibiotic ointment. Keep her away from flies, and I would cage her and bring her inside to watch closely. Place some feed, water , and a bit of chopped scrambled egg near her. Electrolytes and vitamins in the water would be good if you have some. By tomorrow, she should start taking some water which is more important than food at first. Keep her warm if she is in shock. Let us know how she is doing tomorrow.

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