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I have 6 orpingtons. One, named Poppy, is very timid. Always waits her turn. She isn't the smallest. She has always looked a little different. Had pasty butt 2x as a chick. Back feathers have never laid quite flat and has some darker tail feathers. Her comb and wattles are pale and have never fully developed. She started limping yesterday. Poppy eats well and seems healthy other than looking a little different. Should I separate her during the day to reduce her activity? I have a small portable pen right beside the chicken run. I am concerned the separation will worsen the social situation. I was thinking I'd put her back in the coop with the others at sunset. They are all about 8 months old???????? Please, I need advise. My first flock.
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Do you think it is an injury or a disease?  Here is some information about both.



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I think injury. Just trying to find out from an experienced chicken keeper if social situations are enhanced when an already timid chicken is separated during the day??
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Nvrmnd I try separating her and it caused stress so I put
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Her back with the flock. She does a good enough job separating herself!!
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