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I Need Help With My King Quails (URGENT)

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I have two king quails (male and female) and I'm in a bit of a situation. A few days ago the female lost the ability to walk, (I think she hit her head.) other wise she seems fine. She's eating, drinking, she's getting around okay, she even laid an egg. That was a few days ago and everything's been fine, until today. The male is doing something weird. I don't know exactly what but I'll hear them making strange frantic noises. She'll be flapping her wings trying frantically to get away from him and he'll be jumping on her and pecking at her. She isn't hurt but she seems distressed when he does this. I know they aren't mating, this is totally different. They've never done this or anything like it. I don't know what to do. I think I should separate them, (at least until she can walk, assuming she will) but I read the males can die if they're left alone, I don't want that. I also fear if she recovered and I put her back they wouldn't get along any more. This is my first time with birds like these and I don't know what to do.

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Perhaps separate them by a single layer of wire, so they can still see each other? I think he is attacking her because she is weak and might draw predators to his territory, but I don't know.

Hitting her head is one option, but it could be other things too. Lack of certain vitamins, proteins, water or calcium can cause symptoms to the nervous system. Assuming they haven't run out of water for extended periods, what are you feeding them? Do you supply a calcium supplement? Laying eggs requires a lot of calcium, so if the feed doesn't contain enough, the hen can drain her body, rendering her unable to stand.

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The main thing I give them is finch food, (can't find food for quails in stored) but I give ton of other stuff everyday, crushed egg shells, fruits (apples, grapes), vegetables (broccoli, corn) , meal worms, crickets and they have plenty of water. I'm gonna try to put something between them. Thank you.

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Try to feed her hard boiled eggs, along with the egg shells. That will get her both calcium, proteins and vitamins - including vitamin D, which is necessary for her to make use of the calcium, if she doesn't get direct sunlight..

Most people on here seem to use a game bird starter or similar, with 25-30% protein. I'm guessing this finch food has less protein than that, but the insects should help. Hope she gets better.

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They cant digest what youre feeding them unless they have grit. Not egg shells or oyster shells, grit. Crumbles dissolve in water so can be a complete feed most of what youre giving them requires digestive aid. Switch them to turkey starter if you cant find quail feed, they cant thrive on seeds and veggies. They have a very high protien requirement.

The roo is probably trying to kick her our or kill her because she is injured. They dont understand that bords can get better so usually will just kill them so the injured party doesnt potentially waste food or bring disease.
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