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Fireworks and the chooks

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Hi all, here in the UK there's a night which is more like 2 weeks of fireworks... Anyone know how the chickens cope? I'm worried as all mine are only 6 months old so this will be their first.
My partner wants to do some for our kids but as much I'm sure there will be some close by... I feel that might be too close and Scarecthem to death. Thoughts?
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Hi, chooks do not like loud noises, so what I suggest is that if they have a closed in house within the coop, close them in, just like you would with cats and dogs.  Take a look at them on occasions, and if all calm, you know you are doing the right thing.


If, you think of it, it will be dark when you set the fireworks off, so the chooks will be roosting anyway.


Don't worry, if the chooks don't like the noise, they will soon get the message to you.  Good luck with your fireworks.

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Yeah the thing is there is nothing I can do about the general fireworks only check on them and close the coop door, and whatever we would do wouldn't be much as our kids are young and would get bored anyway haha they like a few then they start to fidget.
I have only had cats before and would keep them in but with chickens that's not an option for us... As in to bring them into the house. Although I guess if I got a big box maybe they would settle indoors... hmm.
I would definitely close them into the coop though, I guess I will see how they go if he does get some and will just have to keep checking on them. Thanks
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