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Help Again! falling chicken - Page 2

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Just feel it. In the morning, before he eats, it should be pretty flat to his throat. If you feel it after he eats, you can feel a ball of food there. And just in case you don't know (don't want to assume) it's located on the left side if you are facing him. It's pretty evident when they have eaten. It should empty completely every night. If you check now, if there's anything in there, it should be fairly soft, not rock solid.
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This is a really good article on how to check it

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ok i tried checking his crop this morning and i am not sure i did it right, he is huge with lots of huge neck feathers and i could feel it felt hard but i think it was just his actual throat/neck, it is really hard to try and feel it while holding him cause i think he is frustrated and he is struggling every time we pick him up out the cage, and he is normally pretty calm, so it is hard to hold him football style in one arm and feel with him struggling considering he is about 3 footballs big with 3 inch spurs, Can i feel it with him crouching/sitting? with out picking him up.


Also he seems to be getting really winded after his fits of trying to get up, to the point where he will just lay "where he lands" and lay still for a few before he attempts to roll back up into his crouching position, do you think i should give him some Pen G incase he has like a upper respiratory infection or something? 


I took some video of what is going on so hopefully i can post it if i can figure out how?

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If it was hard, but you suspect is was his neck, I would say it was his neck. If there was anything in there, it would feel like a ball of stuff. Maybe pick up one of your other chickens and check them. Or wait until they are on the roost and you can feel without even picking them up. They should be pretty full at roost time, so it will be pretty clear what it is. And yes, you can check him while he is crouched.

I'm not sure that Pen G will be effective for whatever he has but if it is some infection, it might. Just make sure that if you do start him on it, to give him a full round, regardless if he shows improvement or not.


Have you smelled his breath? That can be an indicator of some illnesses. Just trying to cover anything that may have been  missed so far...


How long has he been like this now? Does it seem like it's getting any better or worse?


In the event that you are not able to save him, I would really consider getting a necropsy to determine what happened. I only say this now because you have a short window to preserve the body and get it off to a lab. If you do a search on here, you will find some good articles detailing how to prepare them for shipping and there's a few suggestions on where to send them. There's a lot of colleges that will do necropsies for free or a fairly small charge. It's worth it so you have an idea of how to treat it the next time you have to deal with something like this.

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Scooby, Any updates on this guy? Curious to how he's doing and or if you figured out what was wrong?

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