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Gapeworm or sour crop?

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My beautiful one and a half year old light Sussex chook Esmeralda showed signs this morning that she had gapeworm (gaping a lot, making weird noises) but she seems bright and happy. This afternoon I looked at her and she had a bluish comb which I thought is a sign of lack of air and she seemed very uncomfortable with her crop. This morning I researched and then felt her crop which was squishy, like sour crop was described. I had a one - two year old chook 4 years ago that we think died from gapeworm. Suggestions or treatments? Thanks!

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Welcome to BYC. Gapeworm is pretty rare, and the chicken would be desperately gasping to breathe, and not able to eat and drink. Safeguard liquid goat wormer 1/4 ml per pound given orally for 3 days in a row will treat gapeworm. More than likely she has a respiratory disease, such as MG, infectious bronchitis, aspergillosis from mold, or others. She also could be suffering from a heart problem, or even something in her throat partially blocking her airway. You could try a round of antibiotics such as Tylan , Gallimycin, or oxytetracycline or just watch for any other symptoms, such as nasal or eye drainage, rattles or wheezes, or swelling around an eye.

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Thanks for that! We took her to the vet and it turns out she had a foreign body, but her symptoms were like gaping and trying to get something out, which is why i thought she might have gapeworm. I thought she might have sour crop as her crop was more mushy than usual, and she wasn't pooping.

At the vet she had tubes sucking out liquid and had some lubricant put in there to help her get it out, and that was two weeks ago and she's fine now! No extra treatment required.

Thanks for your help!


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Great news. I'm so glad that you were able to get her treated with veterinary care, and that she is doing well. Thanks for the update.

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