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'Ugly' chicken gurgling

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I have a bresse hen who has always been odd looking - she has a sort of shrunken face and not very brightly coloured comb and wattles. She is 6 months old. Today I noticed that she is gurgling when she breathes. She also has greyish crustose around her eye which makes me wonder if that's what has her always looking less brightly coloured on her face. I've isolated her and provided with tetracycline water - her breath stinks but I really don't know how to describe it. I've included some pics of her with her siblings for comparison. She is a healthy weight with shiny feathers. She and her crew have a large coop and a small area for free ranging. I've ordered valbazen for worming but it hasn't shown up yet.

Thanks for your help - I feel like all I do lately is post in the emergency section 😔sad.png
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Here she is with her 'better looking' sibling
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The gurgling would suggest a respiratory disorder of some kind. As you have isolated her and are giving antibiotics, the only other thing i would do is to give vitamin supplements / electrolytes which would help boost her immune system. Some respiratory illnesses are bacterial, viral, fungal and allergic, so antibiotics will not necessarily cure the problem, but will help to fight off any secondary infections. 



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Thank you. Any ideas on the sunken face?
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To be honest, i'd be guessing but maybe dehydration? Vitamins in her water may perk her up a bit, - could be simply because she is feeling a bit crappy?

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