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That's awesome!
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only the one hatched.. others that had pipped, still not hatched, no movement, think we are 24..

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sometimes they do rest up to 8-24 hours between pipping and unzipping as it is a lot of work, after my last hatch I will wait until day 25  but up to you. at day 22 I candled to check for internal pip then did a float test, removed any that had a funky smell to them and replaced even the ones that failed but didn't have a funky smell back in incubator, If I had tossed ones that failed float test but didn't smell wouldn't have Happy who on day25 was chirping away while doing it all at once,after being so quiet and no movement for a day and a half. Was the bright spot of the hatch as was only one that made it. But ultimately it's your choice

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Final update.. We are done.... After today Grand daughter decided it was time.. to remove rest of eggs from incubator.. We actually had one hatch this afternoon.. making a total of 24, I had posted 24 before, but when she counted the little PoP corn boogers, she miscounted.. LOL Wed 3 am til Sat 4 pm is how long this hatch took.. The eggs that were not hatched, she cracked them to see where they were in development. 8 were not totally developed, 2 were not fertile. All in all I think this was an awesome lesson.. we learned a lot, stressed a lot and laughed a lot at the babies hopping around.. I think a 70% hatch is a very good one for our first time.. and with the issues we had. Again, Thank you all for all the help and information that you offered. We will be doing this again, and I'm sure I'll be right back on here asking questions again...

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