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Indiana mom Needs to rehome Young RIR roosters

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I have two five month old road island red roosters in need of a new home. I'm not sure how aggressive they are, they have just started trying to show themselves but nothing big yet. I just do not want roosters. I am located in Peru, Indiana.
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I'm located in bridgeton Indiana can you send pictures
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I don't know for sure if they are both roosters. My neighbor said she didn't think they looked like roosters. I have 6 RIR and 4 are acting like hens. These two are very independent, lead the others, and just overall sound and act differently. One of them has bit me twice and continues to come toward me with his feathers ruffled. I can not tell them apart so I removed the ones I feel confident to be girls, and I put color hair paint on these two. The one w blue is the one tht bites me and Ruffles its feathers at me.
The other one doesn't do that but jumps up at means though it's contemplating an attack.

( I'm not sure if I did the picture right, I struggled with adding pictures)
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All chickens from pictures are all hens/ pullets. They generally will come down some once they start laying.
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I would agree they seem to be all hens.. Sometimes a hen will act like a roo if there is no roo and she's more then likely trying to show dominance over you
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I'm not sure how to feel about this news, I have no desire to deal with aggression, I have a grandson that adores my chickens and one of these two can jump as high as my chest as its trying to run me off. The other one doesn't seem to know what to do, but also jumps up at me. The other four are so gentle, and seem to enjoy our presence when we are outside working.
Any suggestions on what to do? I hate keeping them separated from the layers but I just can't tell any of them apart and don't want to risk another bite when I'm gathering eggs, feeding them and what not. One of the bites left a small hole through very thick denim. The other bite was a simultaneous bite and scratch, of which the scratch even broke the skin. I realize these are not severe, by any means, especially considering some of the injuries I have been reading about, but each of the bites and scratch I received would indeed be serious on a small child.
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To break Roos I hold them down till they stop fighting that is them giving up dominance another possibility is she's broody and protecting her eggs? But if that doesn't work I'll still take them
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Thank you daskhan. I will do what I can first to see if the aggression slows down. These particular two have not laid any eggs yet so hopefully once they do and with me showing dominance, they will calm down. As I said before, the one w green paint only jumps up at me and has recently started taking food from me rougher than before but doesn't seem to know exactly what to do. I wonder if she is just doing what she sees the one other one doing. I reunited them after reading the posts that they are girls and already they seem a bit more stable, but only time will tell, I suppose.
Like many of you, I thoroughly enjoy my birds but to be honest, we didn't get them to be pets, we got them for eggs. And as a beginning step to help me learn how to raise livestock as the next step is a couple calves. So, even though I will do my best, I just do not want aggressive birds.
( as a side note, these two also chase off the 2 very large cats we feed. That was another reason I thought they could possibly be roosters, the other four will co mingle with the cats, my dog and anyone or anything!)
I will keep you informed if you don't mind.
Thanks for your replies and help
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Again the chasing cats could be the protective response they have for being the flock leaders although I wouldn't fully rule out them being Roos till you see eggs or crowing but to me if they were Roos there combs and waddles would be way bigger and they should have crowed already
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Those 2 are not roosters, all 4 of mine turned out to be roosters and all but one had to go.

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