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Sick chicks please help...

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I recently bought 3 chicks with my husband the 1st of November. 2 are tiny 2-3 week old chicks and the other is about 4 months old. When we got home we noticed one of the chicks didn't look OK and my husband was worried for her we didn't sleep at all that night trying to figure out what was wrong. We figured she was cold and placed them under a warm lamp. I gave her sugar water with crushed garlic because I did some research that same night she looked worse she was gaping her mouth and (I forgot to mention we are new at chicken raising) so we researched every disease to try and figure out what she had and what we could do. We bought vet rx, electrolytes gave her veggies buy she kept getting worse. She didn't eat or drink and I bought a dropper to help her drink some water and fed her what she would accept from me. Yesterday morning she passed away and now the other two chicks are sneezing. I gave them vet rx too just in case and I'm scared that they might be going through the same thing can anybody help?
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When you say "warm lamp" what do you mean? Do you have a brooder set up with a heat lamp and a thermometer to measure the temp?

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No they lady I got them from ( yard full of varieties of chickens in not very clean conditions) said we could just use a gooseneck lamp and as for temperature (the chicks are currently in our room) seems fairly warm to me but I do not have a thermostat
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I have a heater on in the room for them as well since we saw the lamp wasn't enough
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You need to be able to measure the temp, they also need to be able to get AWAY from the heat if they want to.


If the conditions are not right that alone could kill them.


Might want to start by reading this article:

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I have noticed those signs in their temperature regulations. We've been trying to keep them as happy and healthy as possible we change bedding every day water is always clean and the main thing I'm worried about is why they have been sneezing I'm afraid that whatever the other baby chick that died had passed on to them ....
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The little chicks need it warm. 90 degrees the first week, and I think it's like 5 degrees less each week there after. Look into a brinsea ecoglow 20, or a heat lamp... the kind that are like 250w. I think they are too cold. Also, the older one could have been exposed to more things and the younger ones may not have had as fully developed of an immune system. If exposed to an older bird, they can get whatever that one may be a carrier of if they are all together. I hope they get better!!!
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Thank you the older one looks fine she is healthy and took up the role of a little momma got the chicks it was the little one that passed away that scared me the most since then I've heard the other sneeze a lot just frightens me to think that they might have gotten it and might pass away too sad.png
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I've had a few chicks pass away too. Usually between newly hatched and that age. It is hard! You feel so bad for them. Better to have healthy chicks than ones that are going to struggle and possibly get something even worse from having a weakened immune system- at least that's what I tell myself to make me feel better!
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