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Need some advice ASAP!

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Here's my situation: my silkies were laying like crazy, we took the eggs away because it getting to late in the year. (Starting to snow here) the next day after we took the eggs, both hens had an egg and they both started to brood. They are now over two weeks in to there brooding and I'm worried. #1) they are in a noninsulated coop but my husband is building a brand new coop (insulated with heat lamps). can I move them into the new coop once it's completed? If so how? I was told at night. #2) what do I do once the chicks hatch? Take them away and put them into a brooding box? #3) can my silkies stay in a coop with my other birds? Sorry I'm new to this so I need all the help I can get.
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Hi, here are some suggestions,


Don't move the broodies until they have hatched their chicks - if you try and move them before, they may well stop brooding.


Once hatched, you will need 2  small protected (from other flock members) area for each mum and chick (don't put them together in one space because one hen may kill the other hen's chick). Let the chicks stay with their mums - they know exactly what the chicks need in terms of warmth, food, water etc). 


Not sure about the silkies being in the coop with other birds - the question seems to suggest that they are not together with them now?


Its just my humble opinion, but i would not contemplate having two hens sitting at the same time - especially when they are only sitting on 1 egg each! Having to create mini-coops, having the space etc is all a bit too much. Moving your flock into a new coop will be stressful enough for them without the additional issue of having 2 chicks and 2 crazy mums.


Good luck!



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Right now my silkies are in a summer coop. A small insulated coop with an attached nesting box. Both hens are side by side hatching the two eggs. I won't know who's who because they both layed an egg in the same day so they should hatch the same day. Do I just pick a chick and a mom and separate them? Or can I give one mom both chicks to look after?
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I meant summer non insulted (will be cold for the chicks in -10 weather)
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