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First Timer Problems

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First time incubating, I got the Janoel 10. I read that you need to get a second thermometer as the built in one isn't very good, so I got an analogue one for incubators with a humidity reading too and spent two days getting the temp right at 38 (it was reading 4.5 degrees lower than my incubator's thermometer). I set a dozen eggs and was very excited.


On day three (yesterday) I got a digital thermometer and thought I'd put that in too, it is reading 41.5. So now I have three readings, 38 (analogue), 41.5 (digital) and 42.5 (incubator, allowing for temperature correction setting).


I am guessing that I have probably ruined all my eggs :-( I am also upset that I got one from an online poultry store that maybe so far out.




How should I go about working out which one is right?


Should I continue with the incubation as is?


Guessing I'll be starting all over again.

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Not necessarily. You will need to calibrate the thermometer, I have the Janoel 10, first time worked perfectly 3 of 3 (5 all up one clear and one I broke while candling) in lock down hatched, second time I got sick of fiddling with it so moved the eggs under a hen to hatch in the last week, but amazingly most eggs still hatched despite the temperature problems.
Don't give up, get another thermometer the same as one of the others and set them together. I can't remember how to calibrate an analogue thermometer but Google will know.
Good luck!
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So its day 9. I candled last night and saw movement in one egg! 8 others looked like blood rings as they did when I candled just after I found out my error, 3 others look like clears to my eyes as a first timer anyway.

Looks like I might have a single lonely chick which seems kinda cruel. I have ordered some more eggs but obviously there will be some alone time. Hopefully it doesn't develop social problems been alone then introduced when it's the biggest.

Oh we also named it Sahara due to its survival in the heat. It has to make it now! please please please
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The lone survivor pipped internally and died :'( I opened the egg to confirm today. I saw an article on reasons why this can happen but can't find it now. Any help?
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