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Feather regrowth help

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Hey everyone!

After a brief bout with parasites and then pecking each other, my girls are having a hard time with feather regrowth.

I'm looking for something that I can add to their food and/or water that will help their feathers come back in.

I've tried Manna poultry conditioner and Manna game/showbird conditioner as well.

Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!
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Adding more protein to their diet can help. Layer pellets are high in protein, so is dry cat food (preferably not chicken based).

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Thank you for your response!

So I could add maybe 10# of high protein dry cat food to a 50# bag of my layer crumble?

Do I need to crunch it up first? Or will they do fine with the size of the cat food?

Thanks again!
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10# of cat food will increase the protein from 16% to 18.5%. Adding that much will throw the vitamin and mineral balance off and not significantly increase the protein. How long were you feeding the game starter? I would be feeding that by itself (24%) or cut 50/50 (20%) with the layer. I do give catfood to my molters but just tossed as a scratch treat.
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They were on medicated chick start until 18 weeks, then gradually added layer crumble until 21 weeks, then by 22weeks they were on full layer crumble.

I actually pulled their scratch because we had a sudden fatal bout of aspergillosis and lost 6 hens.

What do you recommend I give them daily or weekly? They only usually get some lettuce here and there...
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Any vegetables and scratch will drop the overall protein. If you are feeding those you should be feeding something higher than a 16% layer as that's the bare minimum. Do you have a 20% layer option? Getting a higher protein feed every day is always a better option than offering a treat here and there as some don't always get their fair share of the treats. Meal worms make an excellent high protein snack too.
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Is there something (protein supplements wise) that I can add to the 16% crumble I have now?
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The easy fix is to mix a bag of game bird or non medicated chick starter with a bag of layer. That will put you 19-22%. If your birds have trouble or don't like to eat mash, ferment it.
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Game bird feed is a good option (especially in winter or for birds that can't forage in their pen). Be aware that some types are 80% whole grains which can create problems with some flocks.


When I bought a bag that turned out to be mostly whole grains for my flock they picked out the grains they liked and left the rest including the tiny pellets, I had to put the feed through a coffee grinder to get them to eat it all.

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