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Originally Posted by JetCat View Post

have you verified that you were getting an accurate temp reading?   multiple calibrated thermometers?

I 100% agree with this, best to use multiple thermometers and 100% ignore the built in one, in fact cover the built in one up with tape or paint, paint a smiley face on it and at least it will serve the function of making you smile as it's a useless thermometer and hydrometer...
i question this because that model incubator is only 40 watts (and that includes the fan) so it pretty much doesn't have the ability to raise the temp 26° in an hour unless there was some major malfunction.

For that small of 'enclosed' and insulated space 40W is sufficient to drive the air temp up quite fast...

But, in that regard it's thermostatically controlled so beyond a few degrees of drift, climb or drop that is common in these types of incubators it should not have shot up in temp from just plugging the humidity holes, I suspect someone or something turned the knob...

May I suggest you remove the knob, leaving just the shaft to set temps, then once you get it dialed in take a 2 liter or similar pop bottle cap, and tape it in place over the knob to protect it from being bumped...

As for the eggs, as said let them ride for a few more days and candle, or let them run the full 21 if you can't candle and cross your fingers...
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Hello.Thank you for the responses! I've got 3 calibrated (as best I could) thermometers in there. I really didn't have the time to check them all to verify due to my panic and hasty move to cool it down. I think I remember seeing one saying 126 and another saying 122. Big difference I know, but I know it was really hot. I've determined that it had to have been my son's friend who was over that turned the little knob. It's been at a steady 100 ever since so I really don't think it malfunctioned. I've been hovering over it for the last couple days since that happened. The highest temperature spike I've had since that dreaded 126 is about 101.8. 


I thought maybe it was because I put the red plugs in it at first, but since then I've tested that to see what would happen and the change in temp was very nominal. I also noticed when I was trying to get it back to the correct temperature that the knob was in fact turned more to the right, indicating someone tampered with it. I'm afraid I won't get any hatches, but I'm trying anyways. These are black copper maran eggs, so I don't know about candling. I've never candled eggs before. This is my first time. I will look at the Surefire lights I've read about. If anyone knows of any other good lights, feel free to suggest away. Thank you! Oh and today is day 6. I will probably candle them Thursday on day 8.  

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I remember seeing some good tips here on candling dark eggs, but I can't remember which once of these threads:


There will be some tips and things you can try in there :)


“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.” 


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“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.” 


~ Shel Silverstein

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Hey you guys. Thanks for your responses.  I do have a few different thermometers in there. I've calibrated them as best I could. The meat thermometer (digital) that read a perfect 32 degrees F while in ice water is what I've been relying on the most. It's been at a steady temperature between 99.5- 101.5 (other than when it was tampered with).  It varies I guess with the temperature in the room the incubator is in. 


I just attempted to candle them. I just used a LED flashlight and a toilet paper roll. I only candled 3 out the 7. I saw a small black blob in one towards the top near where the air sac should be. I saw either a vein or hopefully it wasn't a blood ring in one, and nothing at all in the other. I can't even make out an air sac in them. Maybe it's too soon? Today is 7 days (I set them last Thursday at 1:00pm). Maybe I should try and candle the rest, but I figured I would wait a few more days so that I could see more and get a better light or build a homemade candler. My husband said he wanted to try it in a box with a small hole and a 40 watt lightbulb. What do you guys think? Thanks a bunch! Also, one more question, I did not turn the eggs over while candling. I left them fat side up like they've been in their incubator. Is it true that you're not supposed to flip them over at all? I tried to find an answer to that question on here, but I couldn't find anything. Sorry for a dumb question, but I really REALLY appreciate it!!  

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Duh, I just realized there were 2 pages of my thread. I was wondering why I didn't see my last post. Sorry if I was repetitive!  

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To get a good candling you need to turn the egg and move the light around it, even flip it sometimes, just do it gently and slowly and it will be fine...

By day 7 you should see a fairly larger spider like vein network with the embryo in the middle moving around, but without experience and/or with darker shells or inferior lights it might not be obvious...

Bigger lights in a box with a small hole work well, my first candler was a plastic flower pot with a small hole in the bottom that I put a 100W equivalent CFL bulb it did ok, now I use a 2000 lumen LED flashlight, and do it at night in a dark room or in a dark closet but only after letting my eyes adjust to the dark, it makes a big difference...
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You want to be turning the eggs multiple times a day.
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Just had an 11 hr black out today, put glove warmer in basket, put in towels and eggs covered, they stayed in upper 90's.

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Gimme Birdies, I hope you're chicks are ok!!!  I worry about something like that happening here. That's a fantastic idea. To keep some glove warmers around just in case. I think I'll have to go grab some. You never know when you might need them. In fact, I think my husband might have some in his hunting backpack that he hasn't used in about 2 years. :P


Meep Beep and everyone that responded with advice, I so appreciate it!!!!  


Percheron Chick, I have an automatic egg turner. I meant could I turn them while I'm candling. I was too afraid of jostling them around too much, so I didn't get a good look at them, but I will try again at day 10. I just read somewhere not to candle between 11 & 14 days so not to interrupt the embryo which is moving at the length axis of the egg during these days. So much to remember!!!!  My husband read your advice about the candler you use Meep Beep. We're going to invest in a wayy better flashlight. I was using a cheapie. I'll keep you posted!!!  Thank you so much!!!!

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Ive had both my little giants in the kitchen,since I quit cooking.I also have about 6 cats.They have never bothered them before.A couple days ago I heard a noise,went in kitchen and cat was trying to get to newery hatched quail.I moved them into a spare bedroom..The last 60 or so birds that  hatched was when I was home.

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