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Need help identifying worms. Note: pics included

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Need help with identifying worms. We have a small (16 hens currently) flock of free range chickens. I have one barred rock who is increasingly weak and losing weight. I am not sure if she will make it through the night. Upon inspection this evening she has bad worms all over/in her vent, plus mites (I believe). A few of the other chicken have mites as well. I treated all of the chickens for lice and mites today with a thorough cleaning of the coop (including soap and water, DE, and a "Poultry Protector" all natural spray for the coop and the chickens themselves. We try and stay as natural as possible as we sell our eggs, but am willing to go the chemical rout (obviously losing the eggs for a period of time) if necessary. Here are a couple of pics (thanks for being willing to look at this) of the sick barred rock's vent. 


(pics have been removed)

I know there are several types of worms and not all worming medications are the same. I have Wazine but am not sure if that is what I should use. Can someone identify these worms? 

Thanks so much!

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Those are are maggots, and she needs help IMMEDIATELY!!!  Or euthanize her right away!  Mary

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Thanks! So this appears to be flystrike? I was wondering why I could not identify a specific worm. I did do the bath and cleaned her off thoroughly after this pic. I will do more saline bathing ASAP. Any other suggestions for this issue? I don't believe it's contagious but she is isolated since yesterday. Any preventative tips for the rest of the flock?
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I found you a few links for you  look at. You may want to soak her for a while in epsom salt bath. Chicken Chic gives a bit more info on how it happens and some prevention? tips too.

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Usually there's an underlying health issue, and then the flies move in.  Bad diarrhea,  wounds, or a severe illness.  She may be the only bird affected, at least I hope so.  Ointment on the cleaned area;  Silvadene is the best for this.  She needs to be inside away from the flies, with clean bedding  (disposable hospital pads, or towels, not shavings)  and lots of good food.  Good luck with her,  Mary

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Thanks everyone for the help. The efforts were a little too late as we lost the chicken last night. It does make me feel a little better knowing what the issue was so that I can check the others. I have treated them all for mites/lice with a natural spray and DE; I have thoroughly cleaned the coop (even soap and water) and today we started wazine worm treatment as a precautionary (I think at least one chicken may have a few worms). We will continue to give them DE in their food and ACV in their water. Any other tips are appreciated but it seems the crisis part of this is over. Thanks again for the help!

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Sorry for your loss.

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Sorry for your loss. Re-check all birds for mits and lice tomorrow. If they still have bugs, get some poultry dust and treat them. Your coop, nesting boxes and perches will also need to be treated for bugs.

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