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Making a gurgling sound

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I have a small flock of about 9 hens, yesterday I bought 4 more older hens that they said were already laying from a farm that had at least 60-70 birds in a small confined area, so I'm not sure they were eating properly to begin with. this morning I notice one of them making a werid noise and looks like she is chocking (stretching her neck and opening her mouth) making a gurgling sound, I can feel a small marble size ball up high in her throat, it looks like it's in the tube at the base of her toung (trechea). Could she have ate to much to fast and got some stuck were it shouldn't be? ( I give them layers crumble feed) no pellets
All 4 hens are staying off by themselves, at night they roost, during the day the sit on the floor facing the wall, also no eggs
Any help ? Please
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Keep them separated from your other birds in quarantine for at least 30 days, just to make sure that they don't have any contagious diseases. The one gurgling and stretching her neck could have a crop problem or it could be the start of a respiratory disease. Can you place them in their own small area for awhile to continue to watch them? make sure they have plenty of water and food, but keep them separate where they won't be afraid to drink and eat. The one chicken might have not been drinking enough and something is stuck in her crop. A small amount of plain cultured yogurt, buttermilk, or probiotics can help with digestion. If you think it is a crop impaction, then he is some info about crop problems:

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Yes I can separate them and I will try some curtured yogurt and probiotics thank you very much for your help
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You're welcome, and I hope that they don't have anything serious. Here is a very good article about the various common chicken diseases including the respiratory diseases to read about what symptoms to watch for:

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