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Help! Hen in bad shape!

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I have a laying hen and I came back from feeding our ducks, and found her standing in the middle of our coop stretching her neck out and gasping for air. I thought maybe she had something stuck in her neck but I didn't feel anything, then I felt her crop and it's SOLID.  I fed her drops of veggie oil and water through a syringe and she's no different. Her eyes are closed and she changes from sitting to standing. It sounds like she gasps for air and then as she stretches her neck, squeaks come out. I think it may be impacted crop or sour crop but I'm not sure what sour crop smells like. I can't tell if she has a bad smell or not.



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She has an impacted crop.  A sour crop STINKS.  You can't miss the stench of a sour crop.  Seriously, you can small it from 3 feet away.


Massage the crop as often as you can. Give her olive oil (preferably, but any oil will do in a pinch) once a day.  And you just need to keep trying to move the impaction through.  If the mass has not broken up in 7 days, then you are going to need to look at alterantive methods of removing the impaction. 

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I appreciate the comment but we're too late. She jumped around a bit before rolling over. 


She's underground now. I hope someone can use this for themselves one day.

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I am sorry for your loss.

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