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lumpy spot on hen!!!

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my 10 month old silver suffecs has got 4 lumpy spots on (my right) side they arn"t red or causing her any discomfort. it just lumps. They are close together.

None of my other hens have got it! 




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Your description is too vague.  Are they in the skin, under the skin? What size are they?  Where exactly are they located?  Can you take some pics and post them?

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 sorry for my vague discription.


They are now 2 big spots! i will post some pics up tommorow because she is very jumpy. so i will get me sis to help me .sorry  :(.

the lumps are located under the skin infrount of the right leg (my right). There are no feathers growing on them. Also she is starting to molt but she is only 10 months old ,is that normal???


 many thanks

                 ginacleaner :yiipchick

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these are the lumps they are hard!!

thanks :-)
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Any history of Marek's Disease in your flock?  Any birds brought in recently from outside sources?

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no birds have been brought in recently.

yes we sadly lossed one of our hens to marek's disease a while a go!


thank you soo much for you reply!


could it be that:/

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I think our hen died of it she went limp and couldnt walk. she also kept panting alot and had a very runny poo!


thank you for your help

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I am not really familiar with Marek's as I have never had it in my flocks (Thank goodness!), but my first thought was that those are the nodules in cutaneous Marek's.  If you have had Marek's in your flock previously, then you need to get vaccinated chicks when you bring in new birds.  Marek's persists until all the birds exposed have either acquired a natural immunity (which is a hit or miss option) or have been vaccinated.  In some areas, where Marek's is very common, is is imperative to get chicks that are vaccinated.  Period.  Otherwise your birds are dropping like flies constantly.


Sorry.  I hope this works out for you.

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Thank you so much for your help!

Can I vaccinanate older hens??
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By the time they get older they have likely already been exposed, so they are either immune or they are already growing the tumors and nodules that Marek's is known for.  Affected birds will live a shorter life span overall, so it is important to get them vaccinated young, so they can live out a full life.  Chickens rarely live a full life span anyways being prey animals.  

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