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Hi all! Hoping someone can help me out. I have raised cornish cross several times in the past and they were huge at 8 weeks. We processed the next batch at 7 weeks to avoid chickens that were too big. We did raise them in summer. I expected to butcher roosters at 7 weeks and hens at 8 weeks.yesterday was week 7 and they are not big or meaty enough.
They seemed to be growing as expected until this past week.
They are in a big pen. They run and try to fly. They scratch and forage most of the time. We put raked leaves in big piles in the pen. They love it.
Am I giving them too much room?
Am I not feeding them right? They are getting 50/50 mix of grower and ground corn.they are strong and healthy.
I order from a different nursery. Could that make a difference?
Please help. I have 53. Thanks everyone.