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how to hook up thermostat

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I can weld, I can cut, I can farm.

but electrician of this I can not do


Wife found this thread...


so she said honey......

I said ugggg.


Daughter and I are doing this for momma for 4H project.  Recycled Arts/Electrical.


how do I hook the thermostat up to the light to kick on when it needs to kick on?

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What type of thermostat are you using? I know nothing about electrical either but I was able to get my Inkbird thermostat hooked up. If that's what you are using, I could help you with it...Or if you post a picture of the thermostat itself, I could possibly help guide you through it or maybe somebody on here that has used what you are using...

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that part I have yet to buy.

Its on my list to get tomorrow when Im in the city.

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Ok, well if you have an account with Amazon, you could buy the same one I got (

It's only $17 and there are a lot of videos on youtube on how to hook it up. Most of the videos are from people using it for brewing but the concept is the same, you just don't need to hook up the cooling side.

You can either wire it directly to the lights or wire it to an outlet so you can plug different lights into it. The unit does not come with any wires, so you'll have to salvage them from somewhere or buy some. I used computer power cords. I also tried phone charger cords but I guess they were not powerful enough because they didn't work. I ended up using those for the computer fans which I guess don't need as much power.

They also sell a version that is about $40 but you don't have to wire anything, there is a plug that is built directly into the unit. Twice as much money but a lot less hassle.


Here is a thread about the incubator I built (

It shows pictures of the thermostat, although not the wiring part.


Hope this helps!

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That fridge is the way to go!  I don't have a lot in this unit, and will keep it that way.  All that I have I could easily transfer over.

Your fridge would keep the heat soo much better.


I will keep my eye out for a fridge.  I suppose anyone really would work.  Depending on how big she wants to get into it.

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Yea, just about everything in my incubator can be salvaged fairly easily if you just keep your eyes open. The only thing that can't be is the thermostat and even that you probably could if you are willing to use a different style.

If you post an ad on craigslist for broken fridges, or even keep an eye out in the "free" section, people are always trying to get rid of them. I kind of wish I had just gotten a full size fridge in the first place because this one is limited as far as what you can fit in there. I have a commercially made turner that is just a tiny bit too big to fit. I will end up making turners anyway though...Or just converting to a full fridge...

And as far as the heat, it does hold it really well. Even if I open the door, it's back up to the right temperature in less than 5 minutes. The lights stay off for most the time and when they come on, it's only for about 30 seconds.

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Simply put the thermostat goes between the power and load (in series with) and makes or breaks depending on temp.

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I am getting this humidity controller unit:


And this  "All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit &Centigrade Thermostat w Sensor 2 Relays"


These were suggested by the folks in here.


So...What more do I need.

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If you are going to set up the thermostat like I did, you will need an outlet, some wire, wire connector caps and a plug. I used old computer power cords for the wire/plug.  And if you don't already have one, a good pair of wire strippers will be needed and needle nose pliers are helpful.


If you want to make it pretty, a project box is helpful. It gives you a place to mount the thermostat and outlet and hides all the wires. If you have any carpentry skills, you might be able to just make a box out of wood. Or, you could mount everything directly to the incubator....

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got a 4" fan, container for water, heat bulb, porclin base for the heat bulb


does the thermostat get put inside the incubator, or outside

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