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All mixed up!

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I would appreciate your thoughts on my mixed brood. I have 5 chicks, 7 weeks old now. Very mixed parentage which is making it very difficult to figure out what's what. Father cockerel was Cream Legbar, same for all 5 chicks. Mother hens were cuckoo maran, bluebelle, black rock, buff sussex. I bought eggs from a small holder and hatched them at home.

These 2 look like barred rocks to me but not sure how that works out, would a legbar x black rock make this or are they marans, although they have yellow legs with black markings down the front. I am presuming they are both boys but only based on comb colour and size.



Here are the others. Looks like another boy here! And then 2 almost certainly girls. Not sure of breeds but thinking the grey girl might be a Cream Legbar as she keeps looking like she's getting the start of a hairdo, so her mother could have been the bluebelle. I'm guessing the browns could be showing buff sussex colouring. 


When they were tiny... All the buff/brown ones has pretty eye stripes and chipmunk markings. Both black had white head spots.

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Yes you are right with 3 of them being roosters. The barred chicks are carrying the coloration of their mother who must have been the cuckoo maran and the other chicks they are more like their dad and hence, difficult to conclude who their mother was.

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Hi. Yes the cockerels are easy to spot and you rightly identified all 3. As regards breeding, they will all be mixed breed birds, so you cannot get a pure cream legbar pullet when only one parent is a cream legbar. The legbar cockerel is responsible for the chicks being barred. It is a dominant feature and in fact all chicks by him will be barred to a greater or lesser degree. If he is pure he should also pass on the blue egg laying gene, so the 2 pullets will lay green eggs since the mothers were all brown egg layers. (blue + brown = green)

The crest is also from the cockerel.

It may take a while longer for them to get their adult feathers before maternal features become more distinguishable..   

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Thank you Rooden and Rebrascora, all really helpful information. Today I have heard my first crowing! Didn't see who dunnit but I strongly suspect Mr Colourful. Watching with interested... :)

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