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This chick was hatched 2 days ago i didn't think it would last thru the night but its still going been hand feeding and giving drops of pedalite every few hours not sure what else to for it or should I do anything?
Any help or thoughts it can't get up on its own one side doesn't seem right just not sure
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Could be splay leg. The leg that sticks out at the back, can you move it so its in the right position? Or is it like fused in that position and won't bend?

I will just have a quick look for an article with pictures on splay leg and how you can tape them to try and correct the problem.
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Here is a thread in this link ~

Also some good pics in the link in the first post.
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I can move it and it grips my finger.
(Not the leg) When im holding its makes a crackling sound from its abdomen
Its peeps i take it out of the baitor and claims down i give it the pedalite and wet food.
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I'm not sure on the crackling coming from the abdomen idunno.gif

If you can move that leg thats sticking out into the right position and tape it as shown in the link in the first post of thread I left you it should have a chance.
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Now it puts both back
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I would take it out of the incubator and get it in a brooder. It needs chance to cool down and warm up like it would if it was with a mother hen. If it's constantly too hot this won't help it. With it out of the incubator you can help it get used to the tape and get it on its feet. Have its food and water near it so it can have a go at feeding itself. They do need help to get used to the tape, make sure to can't drown in the water.
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Okay tried to put him in with the other chicks in the brooder they started picking at him. Let in for a few minutes more of the chicks started on him so i put back in baitor lower the temp to 95.5 he or she still rolls to the one side both legs back think just to weak i will keep hand feeding and ped by hand not sure what else to do
Is it a sign that the other chicks was picking at him? Really doesn't have feathers
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If you could keep him in a separate brooder that would be better. Chicks pecking and picking at each other is a very normal thing for them to do. They have their own little pecking orders as soon as they hatch. They pick and peck to learn things and investigate.

Hope it picks up and you can get it on its feet fl.gif
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Looked at his left side wing doesn't move very well either
I dont on a second brooder but what about heat lamp?
He really doesn't move just lays on left side
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