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Help, I need advice

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Hi everyone,

  My beloved rooster Marty passed away this morning and I don't know what from. I'm so upset for his was my favourite and such a sweet natured and kind rooster. I found him on Sunday morning quiet and reserved (where is usually happy to see me) and a bit fluffed up with his feathers. I picked him up and he was still quite alert and happy to sit in my arms. I gave all my chooks fresh food and water and he still ate and had plenty to drink.


I went out for the afternoon and came home around 6pm.... he was still quiet and reserved and had taken himself off to the nesting-box (which is odd for he is usually the last to go in after the girls)...I found green poop (not diarrhea) but softish where he had been. I inspected the poop but couldn't see any worms. I sat with him through sunset knowing I may not see him alive in the morning, and sure enough early this morning when I checked on him, he had passed away :(


So does anyone have ANY IDEAS of what this could have been? I will clean the coop from top to bottom just incase it is contagious for I REALLY don't want to loose any of my girls. This morning the others seem fine but I'm paranoid this could or can spread...


Please help :(

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How old was Marty?

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Sometimes chickens can just up and die for no apparent reason. It happens many times at maturity or for hens, at the point of first laying, Heart, kidney, or liver ailments can be possible causes. Sometimes they will have a few symptoms that may not be noticed easily. I would just grab up some of your chickens off the roost at night, and with a flash light, inspect them for mites and lice on their skin, feel of crops (which should empty by morning,) and feel of the keel for any loss of weight. A veterinarian or vet college may be able to do a necropsy if you lose another. Sorry for your loss.

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He was only young...3 months old :(

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At that age he could have had coccidiosis, but the symptoms are diarrhea or blood in stools, lethargy, standing around hunched or puffed up, refusing to eat, and ruffled feathers. If you see any symptoms similar in the others, then I would get some Corid from the feed store to treat them. It didn't seem that he had those symptoms, but it is something to look for.

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What are you feeding?

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Hummm he didn't seem to have many of those symptoms but I'm keeping a very close eye on my girls to see if they are showing any signs like that. They are currently on a chicken crumble....sorry I can't remember the brand. I get it from a pet store. Poor little guy, I miss him terribly :*(

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Is it a medicated chick starter, a grower, or layer feed?

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Sorry I should have specified... it's a grower feed.

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It very well could be coccidia. You can switch them to a medicated chick starter for the next week or so, as a preventative if the others seem healthy. Medicated chick starter does not actually contain medicine, but a thiamine blocker that will prevent the coccidia protozoa from over powering a young bird's system. It will allow them to build a resistance to the strains they are exposed to, without them getting sick.

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