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Advice needed, please help

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Please help,
We have two 7 month old ISA brown hens and have had them since they were day old chicks. They are extremely well cared for, on premium layers pellets and a much loved part of our family.
Our bigger and stronger black hen olly has been hit and miss with her laying for the last week and I have been finding her nest box wood shavings wet in the mornings.
This afternoon while free ranging her behaviour became off and she was quite subdued.
She then started dripping clear liquid from her vent. This happened for a few minutes before she squatted and laid two shell-less eggs. One was just the yolk with no membrane at all and the other which followed within a second was a 'rubber' egg! Her dripping of clear fluid continued for another few minutes.
Any advice/tips on what's going on with my girl would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks guys!!!
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How long has she been laying? When you say "rubbery" do you mean a shell less egg with normal looking yolk/white inside?


It isn't unusual for new layers, or birds that have started laying again after taking time off to sometimes "misfire" and turn out shell less eggs.

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Hi Sonya
Thanks for the reply! 🙂
They've been laying for about 3 months now. Our other girl has also laid rubber eggs twice and they were 'normal' shell less eggs where it's a perfect egg yolk and white with just a soft membrane instead of a hard shell.
olly today was leaking wot looked like egg white from her vent and then laid a yolk on its own closely followed by another whole rubber egg and then had some further dripping from her vent, the best way to describe it is it looked like she was urinating clear liquid, very odd and concerning! 😕
Ever heard of this before?
Thanks heaps!!
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