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Another thread about a rooster, a crow, and a neighbor who is complaining. - Page 2

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Ugggh, free spirit, I am in an area however I don't know how prevalent it is. We sprayed the horses and smoked the property which probably shortened my life my husband and my 21 year old....unfortunately they don't sell smoke fogger stuff that kills the mosquitos they just knock them down. This is the one guy I didn't think would say anything and I didn't care at least that's the story in my head. ughhh.....I'm going to try some homemade crow collars and work on my end but I hope he works on his pool....
Do you think the NPIP people would know? They are coming out Thursday....
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You are right lazygardner and Mrs k I've seen the crow contest. I do have the silkie roosters listed for sale cause I know I have too many, but have only moved one.
I have a bunch of memory foam I could put up in the gazebo but where do I put it? The roof has not been completed so some places leak. Maybe strips of foam hanging like ribbons. That will be attractive : (
Free Feather yes but he says I am violating the noise tolerances....he gave me windows of time and the decibels cap is at 50 in the Night hours and he says we are at 62. The day hours are capped at 55....I am still above the tolerance.
I left the light out tonight. Weird thing happened tonight we were feeding my buff Orpingtons were fine one minute next they are getting on their perch to roost one bird falls to the ground others jumped on it it was dead! I am glad it happened in front of me cause I would have thought the neighbor had something to do with it. But no clue what happened. What the heck!

     Can you do your own decibel readings during the day?  Often chickens aren't making the most noise.  What about engines, barking dogs, children at play?

 Mosquitoes are definitely a health hazard.  He doesn't sound like a neighbor interested in doing anything but you can buy chemical cakes or bars (don't know what else to call them) that you can put into ponds so they must be fairly safe tat keep mosquitoes from reproducing.  I think does something to the larvae.

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Dekel, You are right, we did start to take manners into our own hands when it got into the swarm state and I could not get mosquito control out they were just swamped with calls from a wet week of rain.  I was just driving after feeding and although I respect peoples right to sleep and I don't ever want to be the source of someone's anger or well being. (I am right near a major intersection we have police and ambulance and commercial jets flying over head pretty darn low as they approach the airport, I would welcome the sound of nature - country but I understand that is me) Heck before I got this property I live in an hoa I kept my silkie rooster (s) in the house.... So I know what it is like to have one crow in the middle of the night,,, you just go back to sleep, at least I can ...... I don't think he will call anyone and run the risk of the city knocking on his door to file a report.  He has so many violation there, the place is a dump! sure he could clean up the pool probably in a day or so. But all the dilapidated wood building structures and pool deck he can not. So I don't think he will call, So I just have to mentally calm down.  My mind was racing for days after I got the notice and was trying to figure out what the heck I could do and still stay in business with my roosters. Was this guy going to put me out of business? And that would effect my applying for exemptions on the property. This literally means thousands to me. So I am going to try and make some of those collars, and do my best. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to try and help me out. Just speaking about it has lessen the metal burden on my brain.  I am so overloaded right now with trying to fix up and move into this house fixing up to sell the one we are moving out of and then we also take care of both Mothers and one has a vacation house we do repairs on as well.  I am tired! I am trying now to find a Pet sitter so when we sell the other house and are moved in we can take a vacation. We need a break! and to keep getting hammered left and right...... you guys are keeping my sanity in tack. THANK YOU!

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Thought I would update this thread might help someone else one day. we ended getting a large armoire at a 2nd life store. It's a beautiful maple cabinet and my husband put shelves in it for me so each rooster gets his own very large cubbie. It's a pain we half to walk them up each night but I think no one hates me now. The cabinet does double duty the girls love to use this box to lay eggs in while they are out free ranging. One has even went broody and is using one of the cubbies. So everyone is happy! Yippie
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