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Difficulty walking

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Noticed this morning that one of my five hens can barely walk.... she sort of falls over with each step and is primarily just sitting there. I checked her over pretty good and did not see or feel any obvious injuries. I don't know what to do next and I am worried she could be suffering. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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How old is she, and is she still laying eggs? Is she eating and drinking normally, and has she loss any weight around her keel or breastbone?  Can she move her toes and and feet?

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She is about 2 years old, still laying and is otherwise normal with no other symptoms..... my vet happened to have a cancellation this afternoon so will be bringing her in for an exam.....

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Keep us posted.  My chicken had difficulty waking this summer, but it seemed to be heat stroke.   Given the time of year, I'm betting that wasn't it.

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I would wonder if she is laying internally or may have egg yolk peritonitis, especially if she hasn't been laying, or has a history of soft eggs. Cancer can also be common in chickens. Has she been exposed to any new chickens recently who may be a carrier of Mareks disease? It's good that you have a vet that will see chickens. Hopefully they will help with her problem.

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Long story short: An x-ray did not show an egg but did show a very enlarged liver, pressing on the spinal cord, thus the interference in her ability to walk. The possible reasons for the inflammation were only educated guesses. A few treatment options were considered ( anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, a blood test for Marek's) but in the end, for various reasons, I decided to euthanize her. She was a pampered girl and lived a good but short life. I am sad but am comforted in knowing she is no longer suffering.

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