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I know that when we have them in the house they do chirp and when we walk by they run around so they may be fine. When you do introduce the to the other silkie, make sure the it not mean to them . I have one hen that I can't mix chicks with her because she'll kill them. May help to put them in a dog crate inside the crate so they can see but not touch for a few weeks.
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That's exactly what I'm doing with the 2 yellow buffs I added to my RIRs tonight.
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Good luck. How are they getting along. I know they'll have to establish a pecking order but as long as there's no blood or feather eating they'll be fine
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Well tonight's the first night there in there. And I thought about the method of putting them in there while the others are asleep but I wan to be there when I put them all together. My rooster is laying on the ground next to the cage the 2 buffs are in.
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Sounds like he's already trying to butter them up lol .
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