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Curled Toes while walking

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One of our hens is walking wither her toes curled. When she is standing still i can mess with her foot and put the toes out the right way, but as soon as she takes a step, she just curls them right back up.

We just noticed it a few minutes ago, and we have a really busy day today, so i wont be able to take a closer look at her until this evening.

If you have any idea what could be wrong please comment, ever since our last sickly chickie died after a long and tiring fight, i'm kinda over doing my mental capacity for chicken disease... ugh.

I think i'm gonna put some B12 or chick vitamins in her water, it might help.

Than You!


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Put poultry vitamins containing riboflavin (vitamin B2) and other multivitamins in their water. Riboflavin deficiency can be a cause for curled under toes or curled toe paralysis. Mareks disease and other neurological problems can also cause that. Can you include some details of symptoms about your other chicken that died? Here is some info on B2 (riboflavin) deficiency:

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Well, it turns out that i was out of town when the first one, Speckle Butt, started getting sick, so i'm not sure how it started, but by the time i got back, one of his legs was paralyzed,  but he was eating and drinking just fine, and he just slowly got worse and worse until he died : (

I don't  think its the same thing though, or at least its not contagious, because he died a month or two ago.

It might be a "flock-wide" vitamin deficiency , if so could you suggest supplements to give to the whole flock?

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It does sound a bit like Mareks, but hopefully it wasn't. Mareks can cause paralysis of one or both legs or wings, or the neck. It can cause wasting, a decreased immunity to common diseases, and other symptoms such as tumors on the skin and eye changes. Vitamins can be given to the whole flock or you can just give something like B complex or plain Polyvisol baby vitamins 2-3 drops daily to the one chicken. There are many foods high in riboflavin, too.

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Okay. If it is Mareks,  should i make it so that she has no contact with the rest of the flock?

Should i be taking her out and letting her peck around, or would that just make things worse?

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Personally I would let her be part of the flock unless she was being bullied or hurt. Mareks is spread by dander and dust, but all of the chickens would have been exposed by now. Plus, you don't know for sure that Mareks is the problem. I would take her out to enjoy the outdoors.
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Okay, i was thinking we could make some kind of sling for her leg, because when she walks it gets in her way quite a bit and makes it hard for her to balance, or maybe look up some of those chicken "walkers"... i don't know, we'll explore the options (:

Thank you!

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