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Getting frustrated

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Ok so this morning after feeding everyone i went inside and cooked breakfast came back out after getting dressed for the day and getting a two year old dressed and noticed that i couldnt see one of the four golden sexlinks was miss or where i couldnt see her. I had a gut feeling she was gone(dead) by what wasnt sure yet but wanted to wait and see if i could spot her on our way out. Turns out it wasnt yhe four stray cats that were trying to get into the yard yesterday it was yet again our dogs. How they got her dont know as the fence is still in good shape, her wing i clipped was still short and unable to get her off the ground. She some how got out or they some how magically got through thenfence and repaired it so we are assuming she got out.
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My husband really tired of them killing the chickens, we have tried to train them that doesnt work and we have a fence next is completely sight blocking them in hopes if they cant see them they wont want them. If that doesnt work i dont know how long how long i can hold him back from killing thendogs or getting rid of them.
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Chicken-killing dogs are tough to tolerate when you are keeping poultry.  I've been incredibly lucky so far- 5 dogs and only the last one has shown signs of nefarious intentions towards the birds.  Fortunately, she is also so devoted to her people that she is easily deterred with a sharp word.  I would never trust her alone with the birds, though, which up to this point I have been able to do with all our other dogs.  


Maybe you start putting some hot wire around the coop/run?  My youngest dog got the surprise of a lifetime when she hit the hot wires around my coop/run.  She has never even looked at the birds while they were in the run again.  She may still make a try for them if they are outside, but never near the fence.

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I would but my two year old is a determind and has done/touch things after getting hurt the first time so until she older and her brother (isnt born yet) is old enough to leave that alone i cant. But they tend to get them from under the house we going to block that off one side has been fence off its the other we going to fence off so they dont get it. And hope that works.
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