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SO-what you are saying 29 Palms Ranch-is that it is impossible as far as you know that ostriches could incubate and hatch their eggs naturally.In Texas.Wow!

Where in the world could they do so????

The confusion in this subject stems from all the figures and values involved.I have never said that your incubators are running wrong,it is the value given as 25% relative humidity which is wrong.

Similarly the value of 16% rel humidity you state your house environment to be is highly questionable.If this was really the case-you would be spending bulk of your time at doctors practices and hospitals.

(The driest place in the USA as I am aware is in Death Valley at 25% rel humidity!)

These figures of 25 and 16% should be interpreted as degreesC-wet bulb.

I would dump your hygrometer if you are using same-they are notoriously inaccurate.

This is a quote about low humidity-you can study many similar--


Any humidity of 30 percent or less is considered low and can be dangerous. Low humidity can cause breathing difficulties, discomfort and may damage a home's foundation.


With all facets of animal breeding and production it is wise to employ the KISS principle(keep it simple stupid)

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Your over aggressive nature is disturbing at best.  If you would like to engage in intelligent conversation and share actual experience, no problem. 


To answer your question re: where in the world ostrich could actually hatch their eggs... that would probably occur in their native environment.  For your reference:  You will notice that the relative humidity in the Sahara Desert never goes above 30%, and often hovers around 4% - 5%.  I don't believe you will find that type of humidity here in the Eastern US.


Ask any person with ostrich breeding/hatching experience how much success they have had with natural clutches.  I'm fairly confident you will hear of negligible results in the nest and far superior results in incubators built for ostrich/emu.  The settings for the incubators are exactly what I provided to you in the Hatchrite manual.  You have the actual manual for both of my machines.  That includes calibration procedures, as well as factory settings of 97.5F with 30% humidity?  I was getting REALLY wet chicks at 30% and much better success at 25% :)  Check the manual out when you have time.  That certainly was put out by someone with a lot more knowledge than you or I, and far supersedes 'Internet heresy'.


Here's something else for your reading pleasure:  Pay special attention to the breeding and hatch rates in the wild.  Dismal... Now add a ton of humidity to it... more dismal.  Hope that makes more sense :) 


Enjoy the rest of your day.

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chill chill children! lol everyone has there OWN way of incubating and hatching! its different like EVERY state! since each state is so different when it comes to weather! 

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