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Starting introduction all over?

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I have a 5wk old sussex along with 3 3wk old orpingtons in a coop outdoors next to my adult coop. The chick coop doesn't have a heat lamp because our Temps were steady at 63day and 50-55night. But we are getting a cold chill and Temps will be at 56day and 35-40night. My wife and I have been bringing the chicks in at night then taking them back out in the this starting the introduction all over again with my adults?
We have had our hens hatch most of our chickens. But these new 4 have been purchased from a hatchery.
Coop is insulated more than you can imagine, and is off the ground so the cold ground Temps don't take effect.
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Welcome!  That seems pretty cold for three week old chicks anyway;  I'd have a heat source for them, either a brooder blanket or a heat lamp.  Mary

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Your question isn't about heat needs for three-week olds, but about re-introducing the chicks again after being kept inside overnight.


The answer is no, the short interval during the over-nighter in the house won't re-set the intro clock.


But it would be better for everyone to simply move the chicks into the coop and be done with it.


Describe your set-up, please. How are the chicks kept in the coop so they have an adult-free safe zone to retreat to? Can you supply a simple form of heat for the youngest chicks during a freezing night? Heating pad or 100 watt light bulb would do fine.

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That is my question azygous. If you are able to go to my album titled "adult and pullet coop" you can see both setups. The adult coop has a 100 watt light inside henhouse. The pullet coop is insulated inside and out. And underneath. Both coops do not connect they sit side by side. Our local hatchery said 3 weeks keep them separate and 1 week inside henhouse in a tote or cage. Once this 4 week duration is up let them free. I have 3 silkies one roo and two hens in the adult coop. Can't I just put them in a tote or cage in henhouse now for the duration?
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You're pretty much set for a smooth merger. I'm pleased you're willing to move the young chicks into the coop now rather than later. They will be much happier and will benefit from being part of the flock.


To insure the safety and well being of the chicks and to develop self confidence, it helps to have a "panic room" for them to retreat to when the stress of the pecking order becomes overwhelming.


All you need to do to achieve that is to create a chick-size entrance into the chick crate that the adults can't get through. Continue to place food and water in this safe area so the chicks don't need to compete for those essentials.


Then stand back and be pleased your job is done. The chicks will take it from there.

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I put the little ladies in the henhouse with the adults tonite. Right under the heat lamp. Other than the "youngins" peeping nonstop the adults don't seem to mind. Pictures to follow tomorrow!
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