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Going weak and dieing.. why?

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One of my roosters started getting less and less active.. and resting a lot with his tail down.


I could not find anything wrong with him... he was a good weight, eyes bright, no breathing problems, nice red colour to wattles, no mites or live.. he was a white bird so easy to inspect his feathers. He seemed to loose his strength and lost a little weight towards the end. 


Over a couple of weeks he got less and less active, stopped crowing and one morning he was dead.


I did not worry too much as my other 14 chickens were all acting normally.


But now I noticed one of the young pullets showing the same behaviour.  She is quit, resting lot, not very active and holding her tail down.  When I pick her up she seems to have little strength. She also is not a heavy as the other birds her age.. but she is not skinny either.


Again there are no other symptoms.  I think she will go the same way as the rooster.


I inspected the rest of my flock today and they are all plump and healthy. 


Any ideas what is going wrong here?  I have not had anything like this happen before.

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I have a young too I've only had 2 weeks and he's doing the same thing. Wings dropped, very unstable on his feet, but he weighs nothing. I have him isolated in a nice warm garage. He seemed to be getting a little stronger yesterday, but this morning seems weaker. He steps on his on foot when he walks, one side is dropped lower than the other. He's eating what I have fixed him, and drinking water with electrolytes. But he looks healthy (wattles, eyes, etc) other than that.

His pooped changed color over night last night. Following this. Hoping someone has an answer. All 18 of my girls are fine, but they are my established girls I've had since chicks.

Is it possible he's wasting? Does he miss his other environment maybe? He's super sweet and will just walk up to me and I can pick him up. The woman I got him from is not a chicken newbie and she handled him a lot. It's why I wanted him in particular. Sweet and friendly.

Sulmet ordered and will be here today. Someone suggested that. I'm so upset. He's a doll. I've never ever had a sick bird.
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Just keep them warm and MAKE SURE they didn't get wet because sometimes they act that way if they get just a little damp. Feed them electrolytes and maybe even put another chicken in with them to keep them company.
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I had a rooster that did the same thing and he is just fine now!!!
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Yours sounds like its got some kind of disease.. maybe a virus..  because I noticed you said he is tripping or stepping on his feet when he walks.  I hope he gets better.


In the past I found smashed up hard boiled egg mixed with the chick starter was a great thing to get them to eat the put on weight.


My little one is much sadder this morning.  The weather has got a bit colder and she was very sluggish in the morning.. and was reluctant to leave the coop when all the others had gone out.


I picked her up and she is now starting to loose weight (this happened to the rooster a few days before he died.. like he just gave up). 


She is still eating food.. but not as much as usual.. and her crop is not full to bursting like the rest of the chickens at roost time.


I fear she will be one her way soon.


I would not have been overly worried is this just happened to one chicken. 


But because its the second time in a few week this has happened in my flock I am worried there is some kind of disease starting to spread. 


He poops are normal.. she has been de wormed, she is drinking and eating OK.. and her colour is good.  No mites.  No breathing problems and no crop problems.  Its so strange. 

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souds kinda like cocci if so get some corid. my rooster did simaliar and died and i fund out it was coccidioses

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My Road Red is acting similar. She was at top of pecking order. Best layer. Now she I week. Just wants to stay In coop.she seems week and real unsure when she does come out.
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I am going to try to buy some medication for her today. 


I will separate her and only treat her.


Because I worry the medication will harm my other birds.. and my pigeons which are raising chicks. 


If she gets better with the medication I will know what to do in the future if any more get sick.


I read about this disease and it says most birds have it and get immunity to it.  So I don't know why these 2 did not have that immunity.. and I don't want to treat the rest of the birds in case I upset the balance!

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They build RESISTANCE to cocci, not immunity.  A bird can carry some cocci in their system and not get ill.  When the numbers grow too large the bird can no longer handle it and they become ill.  Young birds and new birds are most susceptible, but any bird can get ill. It seems to rear up especially after rainy periods when the ground remains wet for a while.  Also, if a birds resistance is down from another illness or stress, or their gut bacteria is disrupted it can leave them open to illness. 

I always follow treatment with vitamins and probiotics, and I regularly give my flock probiotics in the water since I know I have cocci in my soil.  I don't know what treatment you are going to use, but Corid is pretty safe.  It's just something to be aware of and watch for in your flock.  I don't hesitate to treat for it, and if I have one bird come down with it I generally treat the entire flock. 

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@coach723, thought you'd find this helpful;
"A plant immune to disease means the plant will produce antibodies/substance to kill or neutralize the ill effect. It is is controlled by a complex signaling network.

A plant resistant to disease means the infection will not occur. Possibly the plant may produce a substance that is toxic to pest.

Immune response activates when pathogen try to attack the plant, whereas resistant plsnts constantly express the toxic substance.

Another term is tolerance. Here the pathogen can infect plant, but the plant is capable to survive and do its normal function."

Fell free to supplant "plant" with "chicken" lol wink.png

Having immunity actually is what happens after they've built resistance wink.png

I build immunity in my flock through proper diet and rotation, plus early exposure. I build resistance by breeding strong stock with good immunity. Goes hand in hand smile.png

@jak2002003, I'm sorry, I wish I could help, but aside from electrolytes and probiotics and herbs, I'm not a vet sad.png I don't really like to give medical advice since I'm not.... Have you had a fecal done, or any blood work? Maybe a necropsy on the rooster?

3rd generation of Colorado ranchers, raising organic alfalfa, corn, Red Angus cattle, Suffolk sheep and of course, chickens! Comitted to a lifetime of health without chemicals, I am entirely dependent on what God has given me to nurture soil, plant, and animal. Sharing...

3rd generation of Colorado ranchers, raising organic alfalfa, corn, Red Angus cattle, Suffolk sheep and of course, chickens! Comitted to a lifetime of health without chemicals, I am entirely dependent on what God has given me to nurture soil, plant, and animal. Sharing...
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