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I don't know what's wrong

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4 week old orpington was found in its cage with its other sister and appears to be hurt not favoring her left leg. At first we thought she was cold bc she was wet. We have her swaddled in a towel and we are holding her. She peeps and puts up a little fight. But won't stand. I looked at her left leg no apparent injuries. I have touched her foot and leg all over and she does not show any signs of pain. Any thoughts....?
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Injuries are common with chicks, and if her leg is sprained, she may need to rest it for a period of time. Does she hold the leg out or hold it up if you try to stand her up? Can you look over the legs and foot joints to see if any are swollen? I would leave her with the other bird in a small pen with food/water as long as the other is not trampling or picking on her. Or they could be placed in separate pens to see each other. B Complex vitamins or poultry vitamin powder can be added to the water. Pictures always help, and if you need help on splinting, just post again.

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Thanks. However we have discovered she is sick. And the mortality rate is 100% at this age. So we are treating her as if she will pull thru and making her as comfy as possible
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What is she sick with? 

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Are you referring to Mareks disease? It is possible to show symptoms of Mareks at this age, but it is more common for it to show up later. I would treat her as if she has an injury at this point, and not give up hope.
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Trust me we have not given up hope.
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