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Underweight chook?

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Newbie and worried mother hen here. I've recently purchased 3 ISA chooks. They have been just wonderful, the previous owner said they hadn't been laying very long and they weren't getting many eggs, usually 1 a day. Since having them we have been getting 3 eggs a day from the start.
The smallest and underdog of the 3, little Tango, is feeling a fair bit skinnier than the other 2 when I put them back in their coop tonight. She has been wormed (although due for another worm in 2 1/2 weeks), is happy and friendly as always and laying like a champion at 11.15am every day. Just skinny. Her breastbone sticks out more than the other 2. They have constant access to water, layer pellets, they get mealworms occasionally, as well as table scraps. They also have a trailerload of old horse manure they've discovered and are digging their way through that, as well as all my gardens. I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to help her put on a little weight. We've just been through some extremely hot weather and maybe that's caused her to be a bit thin?

Thanks so much, I'm so excited to find somewhere that I can talk about my lovely chooks :)


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Welcome!  She may be fine, and sounds like you are doing well with your new flock.  Consider a richer feed like Flock Raiser, with oyster shell on the side, or look at different choices in layer feed at the store.  Also, I always check the manufactured date on the feed bags, to get the freshest possible.  After a couple of months the vitamin content goes down, not a good thing.  Are the other birds keeping her out of the feed?  Mary

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My chickens free range, use 3 in 1 grains without molassass and a clove of chopped garlic lacto fermented along with the layer feed. Even if I do get a injured hen which tends to loose  weight they bounce right back might be worth a try

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Thank you, I will definitely take all your advice.

Just a quick question in relation to this chook. I'll try and attach a photo.
She has white powdery stuff behind her ears. The 2 other chooks don't have this. Is this normal?
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mine get a daily snack too usually fruit or vegatable chopped up or yougurt. Keep an eye on them the other 2 may be picking on the little one and not letting them feed, if this is the case you can always feed little one seperate so you know they are getting enough. They do through a lot of water too no matter what the temps are.


Stress from move shouldn't last long but can also affect them but they should bounce back once everyone's settled in and pecking order has been established


If one thing doesn't seem to be working don't be afraid to try other suggestions


sounds like your doing a great job with your new chooks

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